Today's wind direction

Wind direction

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Mission, vision and values


Innovating toward a carbon-neutral world.


To make offshore wind one of the main sources of renewable energy by delivering more efficient and sustainable wind energy solutions.


A brand made by the wind energy. Using the wind’s flexibility to adapt to new environments. Its power to move us toward more sustainable options and its touch to remind us of our human side.


Ocean Winds values are at the very heart of the brand. They are the center from which all winds blow, including the brand’s image, voice and relationships.

These values reflect the company’s personality and aim to construct a valuable relationship with all our stakeholders.


A company made by the wind, empowered by its clean and endless wind energy. An energy we believe will lead us to a better world, a carbon neutral world. Whatever wind energy we put into the universe, it returns to us.


Wind Energy does not happen by itself, we must make it happen. This is also true of the story we build every day. Innovating from limitless resources and inspiration to encourage the world into wind energy transition. A story of progress and creativeness in which everything is possible if we imagine it.


Wind makes us search and adapt to its most powerful forces. A nimble and unique team evolving with the surrounding environment. A flowing wind energy with the ability to anticipate and imagine new solutions for our stakeholders.


Ocean Winds energy is also made of the human relations and inspiration that pushes us forward to a common goal. Building exciting relations with inspiration energy among our team, partners and stakeholders.