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Wind projects by country

OW will have as of inception presence in 7 countries, in which it will continue to develop current projects as well as create new growth opportunities

Seamade Project

The project

The SeaMade Project consists of two concession zones in the Belgian North Sea: Seastar and Mermaid. Both projects are situated in a large zone of nine wind farm projects near the Dutch border. Seastar is situated 40 km from the shore and covers an area of 19.54 km2. The sea depth varies between 22 m and 38 m. Seastar will have 30 wind turbines and a total capacity of 252MW. The 235MW, 28 wind turbine Mermaid wind farm covers an area of 16.7km2 54km from shore. The depth at this site varies between 24.4 m and 39.5 m.

About the SeaMade Project development process

The Mermaid concession was granted to a joint venture involving Otary and ENGIE-Electrabel in July 2012. The building and environmental permit was granted in April 2015. The Seastar concession was awarded to Otary in March 2010, with the building and environmental permit awarded in March 2014.

The Belgian onshore grid needed to be strengthened before the floating wind farms could be connected to the grid. The Stevin strengthening project began in December 2014 and was completed in 2018.

In 2016, grid operator Elia also decided to construct a modular offshore grid into which the four wind farms could be directly connected. This modular grid was completed in September 2019.


Support mechanism and the merger of Mermaid and Seastar

In October 2017, following intense discussions between the three Belgian projects and the federal government, a decision was made about the adaptation of the support system. The current support period was shortened substantially and the support level halved. With this decision of the federal government, an important step was taken toward finalizing a regulatory framework in September 2018.

Due to the reduction of the support mechanism the projects needed to ensure economies of scale. This led to the decision in July 2018 to combine the Mermaid and Seastar into a new venture, SeaMade Project. Eneco joined Otary and Engie-Electrabel on this project. Funding for SeaMade offshore wind farm was completed in December 2018.

Current status of the SeaMade project

All foundations for the SeaMade offshore wind farm are installed in the North Sea at the beginning of January 2020: a total of 58 wind turbine foundations and two foundations for the offshore substations. The export cable and the substations are installed, commissioned and energized. Also, the infield cables are installed and most of them commissioned. The installation of the first of 58 Siemens Gamesa SG 8.0-167 wind turbines has started on June 15th, 2020 and the first power has been produced on the first of July 2020.



The fixed wind farm will be fully operational by the end of 2020, helping the Belgian government manage its energy transition and meet its 20-20-20 climate goals.