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Ocean Winds in numbers

EDPR and ENGIE share a common vision that renewables, in particular offshore wind farms, will play a key role in the global energy transition.

Decarbonization, digitalization, decentralization.

Offshore wind is a young yet mature technology with significant potential to be captured in coming years

An increasingly mature and competitive technology

LCOE Europe core offshore markets average (€/MWh)¹

  • > 150 €/MWh


  • ≈ 60 €/MWh


  • < 50 €/MWh


Significantly boosting projected growth with   ≈132 GW of new additions until 2030

Offshore global installed capacity (GW)¹

(1) source BloombergNEF

The Parties benefit from a unique starting point and are well positioned to play a leading role in the offshore wind farm market

  • 1.5 GW

    In construction

  • 1.0 GW

    Secured projects

  • 3.0 GW

    In Advanced Development

  • 5.5 GW

    Total gross capacity

Considering 100% of offshore wind farm projects

OW offshore wind farms

  • Top-5 Offshore wind farm Players

  • 6 secured markets

  • At least 5 new potential geographies identified

EDPR and ENGIE’s current markets show strong potential for offshore wind farms and there are also other promising markets already identified

Around 40GW of new offshore wind farm capacity to be deployed by 2030 in markets in which ENGIE or EDPR are already present, with significant upside potential to be captured in new markets where the parties intend to develop their presence.

OW have a clear investment framework and ambitious growth targets

Supporting very ambitious growth targets (Gross GWs)

  • 1.5 GW

    5-7 GW

    Under construction /Operational
  • 4.0 GW

    5-10 GW

    Under advanced development



OW Projects In Figures

Project Name Type Capacity Country edpr engie Status
Moray East Offshore-Fixed 950 MW UK 33.3% 23.3% U/Construction
Moray West Offshore-Fixed 800-950 MW UK 67.0% 33.0% U/Development
Tréport & Noirmoutier Offshore-Fixed 992 MW France 29.5%
Wind Float Atlantic Offshore-Floating 25 MW Portugal 54.4% 25.0% U/Construction
Leucate Offshore-Floating 30 MW France 35.0% 45.0% U/Development
Seamade Offshore-Fixed 487 MW Belgique 17.5% U/Construction
Mayflower Offshore-Fixed 1.300 MW US 50.0% U/Development
B&C Wind Offshore-Fixed 400 MW Poland 100% U/Development
California Offshore-Floating 100-150 MW US 35.0% U/Development
Korea Floating Wind Offshore-Floating 1.500 MW South Korea 61.25% U/Development